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Wow! What a journey of change I have begun. At the beginning of November I saw a friend of mine put on Facebook how she and her husband were going to begin their journey of healthy living ridding their body of toxins. At the time I was feeling very depressed, unhappy and did not even like myself. I was not sleeping well, suffering with hot flashes up all the time. I was just plain miserable.

When I read this post I thought about it and thought if I cannot change my eating habits and lose weight, why not try to get healthy. Knowing nothing of what she was doing I asked Marcey for information. I got on the call with her up line and before I knew it I had purchased my 10-day transformation. I did not want any cards, I just wanted to get healthy and if I had the chance of loosing between 5 – 20 pounds I wanted to give it a try.

When I asked my husband to do it with me he said No it was just another product I was spending money on, so I began the cleanse myself on November 16, 2014. I took my before pictures and thought I would throw up. I did not realize I had seven rolls alone in my back. I swore NO ONE would ever see those pictures.

On Day 2, I got up and weighed myself. I knew I had to because if I was going to lose I had to see it. Well, I stepped on the scale and down went 5 pounds. I had to get on and off the scale three times before I believed it. Day 3 I got on again and I was shocked when I lost another 4.5 pounds. It was unbelievable. I started to feel so great by Day 3. My energy was fierce; I slept through the whole night waking up before my alarm clock. Hot flashes were gone!! My final weigh in brought me down 21.5 pounds and 14 inches in 10 days.

I had my son take my final pictures and he said, “Mom, the rolls in your back have gone away”. I could not believe it.

That’s when I decided to share my pictures with the advice of my coach Marcey and away went my five cards. I had to purchase more gift cards twice to keep up with everyone asking. This has become a small business from home.

When I started my second cleanse my husband wanted in. My daughter followed from there. Since November 16th I have done four cleanses and have lost a total of 61.5 pounds and over 35 inches. I have enjoyed all the holidays, birthdays between cleanses. I am healthier, happier and actually like myself. Purium has helped change the way my family and I look at food. I am going to continue this journey of healthy eating and all the wonderful products Purium has to offer. Still today I am in awe of losing 61.5 pounds in forty days.

Kathi Y.
Lost 61.5 lbs and 35 inches

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