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Lost 95 lbs in 10 months

Elias decided to change his life after he heard his wife, Rose, being scolded about her health issues from their doctor. They decided to try the 10-Day Transformation together and see what health benefits they could gain.

"I was always big and come from a family of big guys so I didn't think I was overweight," Elias says.

Ten days later, Elias was 30 pounds lighter and had lost 8 inches from his waist.

"I totally enjoyed my Transformation experience so much that two days after finishing my first 10 days, I went and did another one because I missed my Power Shake," he says. "Watching my wife's health and physical change has been awesome to witness. I have not felt this good nor physically looked this goo since my prime in high school."

Elias says Purium has given his family a brand new outlook on food.

"My wife and I are changing the future of our children by changing their eating habits and lifestyle," he says. "This is the most rewarding part of my Transformation experience. I love that I have taken back control of my life and have improved my health inside and out."

Elias P.
Lost 95 lbs in 10 months

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