The Trend is Your Friend.

If you’re thinking about earning more money in 2017 than you did in 2016 (and who isn’t), then keep these 5 important trends in mind.


Earn more, save more in 2017! A recent survey showed that more than 50% of all Americans have less than $1000 in their savings accounts. Debt levels are rising and families are fighting to keep up. That’s why more people than ever before are determined to take their financial destiny into their own hands. And by 2020, half of all workers will be their own boss and make their own hours. What about you?


Make big money and make a big difference. It’s resolution season. Almost every person you know is looking to lose weight, eat healthier and/or make more money in 2017. How are you going to do it? Now you can show them the easiest way - no matter what the resolution, you can provide a solution and earn some money doing it.

The Top 4 Resolutions for 2017 according to Inc Magazine

  1. Diet or eat healthier (71%)
  2. Exercise more (65%)
  3. Lose Weight (54%)
  4. Save more and spend less--my personal favorite! (32%)


The timing is perfect. This is your chance to partner with one of the fastest growing private companies in the USA over the last three years. We are at the leading edge of all the right trends - healthy, organic, gluten free, and we’re just getting started.


It’s a fact: demand for organic food is growing, and growing fast. People are looking for companies that have what they want and need. Everybody eats every day, and more and more people are making the decision to eat pure, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free superfoods- the type of superfoods that Purium offers. So why not make money promoting your own Purium superfood superstore and helping us to change the lives of people we’ve never met, and helping us to change the lives of thousands of people who are looking for the solutions that we have?


The world is at your fingertips, literally. With the swipe of a screen or the click of a mouse, you can communicate around the globe. What are you doing to capitalize on this amazing age of information? With Purium, we are currently running a major social media campaign that helps you promote on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other major social platforms (that might even be how you got to this site). We offer a Phone App, a complete Online Business Management Office and other tools that allow you to earn from home.

It’s time to Go Big in 2017!

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