Brandy S.

Tracking to earn 7 figures this year

In under two years, Brandy S. became Purium’s top income earner and is the first to achieve Royal Status. Best of all she built a business doing what she loves, helping others succeed.

Prior to promoting Purium she was a holistic healing coach and while she loved the work, the financial commitments and the time away from her family was not a reasonable tradeoff. She wanted to create more balance in her life by sharing her knowledge of health and wellness practices but without the stress and financial worry.

Brandy had tried other network marketing in the past, but the timing or the product was never a perfect fit. With Purium she is so dedicated and her belief in the product so strong that she fully committed to the process and has never looked back. She spends her days sharing her success and nurturing her team. Helping them achieve goals and improve their lives is a big part of her motivation, architecting her own financial independence is the other part.

“Learning about what is important to those on my team is a big part of my success, to do that you really have to ask questions and listen. By connecting with people on this level, I’m in a position to coach them to do more than they ever thought possible. What’s exciting to me is that there are so many people to help that there is no limit to how far we can grow.”

Brandy S.
Royal Crown
Member Since:
May 2013

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