Carbon Footprint

One part of living a healthy lifestyle is often overlooked – our environmental impact. Every ingredient in every Purium product comes from a field, a forest or an ocean. So, for the health of our planet and our bodies, we need to be stewards of these precious resources.

Be the change…

Rather than accept the plastic packaging options that are readily available, led by our owners David Sandoval and Amy Venner-Hamdi, we created a NEW packaging option - the first compostable package ever used for superfood powders. Our non-GMO Terra Pouch is made of bamboo, hemp and tree sap, not petroleum-based plastic!

The biggest packaging innovation in more than 40 years

The first plastic recycling facility was built in 1972. Recycled plastic was a significant innovation in reducing waste and landfill space. But all plastic uses petroleum. And drilling for oil is a dirty business. So is the recycling process itself. Compostable packaging is the first major innovation in the world of environmental packaging in more than 40 years … and Purium is emerging as a first-adopter and true innovator in this arena.

Economic Activism

David Sandoval says, “Vote with your dollars- every time you spend money on your Core nutrition with Purium, you are also allowing us to spend that money for you again as we go out and change the world. Supporting causes that you believe in like non-GMO ingredients, organic farms, and packaging innovations like the terra pouch … every time you buy food, you vote for that quality of ingredients, that quality of packaging and that company’s mission. Thank you for voting Purium.”

Samples without the guilt

Plus, this new compostable packaging allows us to promote SAMPLES without adding more plastic to our overflowing landfills. For years, our market has demanded samples. But these small-sized packages traditionally create even MORE waste than larger containers. David Sandoval did not yield to the market pressure, but instead upheld his environmental values – “until we can provide samples without plastic, we will not offer this wasteful option,” he said.

David’s passionate commitment to “doing the right thing, even if it isn’t the most popular thing,” was the primary driver to finding a better, greener sampling solution.

“Sometimes it’s as simple as identifying a problem,” Sandoval shares. “We know that flexible plastics and petrochemical products are an assault on Mother Nature, our waterways and all the earth’s inhabitants. Purium is extremely proud to have invested in the next generation of flexible packaging that is 100% natural, compostable and contains no petrochemicals. The bag we have developed can be put in your backyard with some dirt and seeds or in the compost pile and it will completely decompose.”

While the Terra Pouch is available for a few select items, this is only the beginning. Emerging as an industry innovator, Purium plans to convert all of its plastic packaging into the new compostable material over the next several years.

In addition to sample-sized Terra Pouches, the innovative packaging is also available in the full-size version of our number one selling product, Apple-Berry Power Shake. And unlike other many companies that take a more environmental direction, Purium has NOT raised the product prices with this new packaging alternative.

So, every month, the earth is littered with thousands and thousands FEWER plastic containers because of the choices of Purium Members. Soon, it could be hundreds of thousands a month. And as other companies follow our lead, we hope to make compostable packaging as popular as recycled packaging in the market place. With a little dirt and a few seeds or a compost pile, we can kindly return every one of these packages to the earth that has provided us with so much.

Be the change you seek in the world.
Vote with your wallet.
Protect the environment.

Plant-based nutrition, in a plant-based pouch.

Gluten-free power shake in new terra pouches

Item: 2201-BB (1 pouch / 15 servings)
Retail: $54.95
PLC: $38.47
Item: 2201-BB2 (2 pouches / 30 servings)
Retail: $99.95
PLC: $69.97
Terra pouches are available for our most popular product, the Apple-Berry Shake (gluten-free, kosher cereal grasses and whole grain superfoods.)

Reusable storage
Purium kitchen canister

Item: 9800 (holds 30 servings of Power Shake)
ONE PRICE: $16.99
Empty newly delivered pouches of Power Shake into this lid-locking, stainless steel kitchen canister and toss the package into your compost.

Extra green

Welcome to the next generation of sampling.
Share samples of your favorite product, without the eco-guilt. Each one-serving packet includes a $50 Gift Card on the back, spreading all kinds of green love around.


If you are dissatisfied with any Purium Product for any reason you may return the unused portion for a full refund no questions asked.

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